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How Can I Use A Dry Van Trailer for Chemical Transport?

Generally speaking, a dry van is a flat box trailer or semi-truck type which is fully enclosed for protection against harsh weather outside elements like wind, rain and snow. They’re the smaller trailers you see on the highway every day hauling boxed, loose, or other kind of cargo. Some are full enclosed so they have a roof for protection as well as sides and a bottom to keep the cargo dry during transport. But the majority of them are open designs with no sides or bottoms and can be completely closed when not in use.

The industry for commercial transportation has grown at a very rapid rate over the past couple of decades and there are many different types of trailers used in this industry. Dry van trucking services are one of the fastest growing areas of this type of logistics. These vans come in many different sizes and can range from very small trailers to fairly large rigs. They also come in a variety of styles and the most popular ones tend to look something like a box actually. So if you’re wondering what a dry van transportation trailer looks like, here’s a quick overview:

One of the most popular features of this type of dry van trucking trailer is the fact that temperature control is available. Depending on your specific needs, this feature may not be important to you. Obviously temperature control is extremely important for freight needs in areas that experience extreme temperatures. Otherwise your merchandise or supplies could become spoiled or otherwise damaged during transit. This is why so many dry van trucking companies will have a variety of temperature controlled trailers available for their customers. Obviously this feature isn’t available with all companies, so you’ll want to check with your prospective provider to see what they offer for their various needs.

Ventilation is another feature that’s frequently chosen by truckers. Because cargo that’s being transported in these environments can be extremely hot or cold, it’s very important that ventilation systems are available in order to protect cargo as well as prevent it from becoming damaged during transportation. Again this is why so many dry van trucking companies will have a variety of different ventilation systems on board to meet any potential transportation needs. This type of service is often chosen by cargo haulers who are moving goods that could be extremely valuable and should therefore be protected by a reliable ventilation system. Obviously this isn’t just a safety feature but is also extremely useful for preventing the loss of cargo due to bad weather conditions.

Along with protection from bad weather and cargo loss, some people choose to use this form of logistics for the transportation of their products via dry van trucking. If you need a way to ship goods that aren’t suited for air travel, using a trailer can ensure your goods reach their destination in the same condition as if they were shipped via normal air transportation options. Many chemical carriers that choose dry van trailers will stock a wide variety of products that are suitable for transporting using this type of transport. However there are some chemicals that are not safe to transport via trailers. If you’re choosing a trailer for chemical transport then it’s always best to make sure you know what you’re getting into before choosing a chemical carrier.

It’s likely that you’ve noticed by now that there are many different types of products that can be delivered via a dry van trucking service. The kind of services offered depend on how your products are going to be transported. For example, some businesses choose to only offer refrigerated trailers or littler trucks while other businesses offering this service have both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trailers that can accommodate many different types of products.

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